According to local authorities in western Ghor province of Afghanistan, widespread anti-Taliban campaigns by local residents have been witnessed in a number of districts in this province recently.

The officials further added, the campaigns have been launched under the leadership of former Mujahideen commanders and local residents in this province.

Former Mujahideen leaders said the campaigns have been launched in a bid to support the central government of Afghanistan and fight against the Taliban militants.

In the meantime observers and political analysts urged the Afghan government to strictly monitor the recently widespread anti-Taliban campaigns which have been witnessed across the country recently.

This comes as local residents in western Badghis province of Afghanistan announced to step up fight against the militants groups in this province.

Badghis provincial governor spokesman Sharafuddin Majidi said former Mujahideen leaders urged the government to equipment the local residents with arms in order to fight the Taliban militants.

Anti-Taliban campaigns started from eastern Ghazni province of Afghanistan after local residents in this province picked up weapons against the militants.