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Afghan Ulemas reacts at Pakistani Ulemas Fatwa and recent Taliban attacks

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The Ulema Council of Afghanistan on Tuesday reacted at the recent Fatwa issued by the Pakistani Ulemas (Religious Scholars) regarding the terrorist attacks and the recent deadly attacks of the Taliban group in Kabul and other parts of the country.

The Afghan Ulemas appeared in a press conference today days after a series of deadly attacks unleashed by the Taliban claimed the lives of scores of people while leaving hundreds more wounded.

The chairman of the Afghanistan Ulema Council Mawlawi Qeyamuddin Kashaf in response to the Fatwa of the Pakistani Ulemas said the Holy Quran is not only a revelation to the Pakistani nation and Ulemas.

He criticized for denouncing the suicide and terrorists attacks as illegitimate (Haram) only in Pakistan.

According to Kashaf, there is no need for a Fatwa to be issued related to the issues which have been properly explained in the light of the principles of Sharia.

The Ulemas Council of Afghanistan also reacted at the recent deadly bombings by the Taliban and said suicide attacks have no religious basis and are illegitimate.

Mawlavi Kashaf said the killing of the ordinary and innocent civilians has no justification in Islamic and humanitarian terms.

This comes as the Taliban group unleashed a wave of deadly attacks in Kabul starting on 20th January that have claimed the lives of scores of people while hundreds more have been wounded.

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