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Afghan translator commits suicide after British authorities reject his asylum claim

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Afghan translator commits suicide in UKAn Afghan asylum seeker has reportedly committed suicide in United Kingdom after his application was rejected by the British authorities despite he had served as a translator with the British forces in Afghanistan.

According to the local media reports, the 29-year-old Nangyalai Dawoodzai was suffering from severe depression as he was told by the British authorities that he would be deported.

Dawoodzai had arrived in United Kingdom by risking his life and travelling through risky routes the migrants are usually going through by paying hefty amounts of money to the smugglers.

His service with the British forces as a translator in the restive Helmand province had reportedly put his life at risk as the Taliban group was repeatedly threatening him, a threat which normally the Afghan citizens are receiving from the group for working with the foreign forces.

“This is the most tragic example of a shameful Government policy,” Lord Ashdown, who champions the cause of the translators, told MailOnline.

According to the paper, a campaign has highlighted the plight of former frontline translators who remained in Afghanistan after UK forces left and have been targeted by the Taliban because of their service.

The campaign – supported by a petition signed by nearly 180,000 people, including military chiefs, soldiers and MPs – has revealed how interpreters have been shot dead or beaten. Their homes have been attacked and their children kidnapped and murdered.

The tragic death of Dawoodzai comes as thousands of Afghans have left the country due to growing violence with majority of the Afghans heading towards Europe by travelling through risky routes, including the Turkish waters where hundreds of people have lost their lives.

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  1. Afghans sucrefice for them but they (uk) decieve them(translater)
    firs they promise them to take them to foriegn when they complet their aims after they maked a new law for translater it is not good they must accept every one translater is case other wise every one translater must suicide on them


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