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Afghan traders ask for facilitation in trades with neighboring countries

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Najibullah Lalzoy
Najibullah Lalzoy
Najibullah Lalzoy is a journalist and editor at Khaama Press. He has a BA degree in journalism.

Afghanistan’s chamber of commerce and industry in a statement on Monday, October 4 said that they want more facilitation between them and the traders of the neighboring countries.

The Afghan traders said that the recent political changes in the country stained their relations with not only the neighboring countries but all countries in the world.

They said that their ongoing relations with the neighboring traders have negatively affected demand and supply in Afghanistan’s market and have caused a spike in prices particularly in the prices of fuel.

The statement reads that, as winter is approaching there is high demand for fuel and firewood in the country but their supply from the neighboring countries is at its lowest level.

The statement warns that people will face serious problems in winter if the problem is not addressed.

The end of contracts of fuel and gas and the lack of banking services in Afghanistan have caused the prices of gas and fuel to rise.

Afghanistan’s chamber of commerce and industry calls on Pakistan, Iran, Tajikistan, and other neighboring countries to have good relations with the Afghan traders and added that political affairs must not overshadow trade and commerce.

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  1. The Taliban needs to get revenue in as soon as possible.

    You might want to sell one of the large opium farms to Iran and they can get rid of the poppies and plant food crops using commercial farming equipment.

    China needs Afghanistan’s resources so it would be good to do deals and start digging out resources.

    Afghanistan should look at who has expertise available.
    China is great at infrastructure – maybe they can do some planning that 1) makes the best use of Afghanistan’s current infrastructure. 2) Includes roads and rail so that resources can be exported and 3) means that each region has access to educational facilities that have electricity and internet access.

    Good that Afghanistan has spoken about law and order. It would be good for the police/border control and military to all wear the one uniform and be able to cover all three roles.

  2. The US did a database of all Afghans so it should be easy to issue each afghan with and ID card.

    The Taliban government should pass a law that any person in the country who is not an Afghan citizen should register and apply for a visa to stay in the country – that way you will be able to spot the foreign terrorists more easily.

    Important to ask trusted neighbours to supply specialists who can advise the Taliban Government.

    Afghanistan needs investment and the US is likely to sanction any companies involved so it is likely to fall to those the US cannot really sanction such as Iran, Pakistan and Chinese companies.


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