Opening of Afghan peace negotiations on September 12, 2020 in Doha, Qatar. [Photo: SORIN FURCOI/AL JAZEERA]

KABUL, Afghanistan – The Afghan team has offered alternatives to demands made by the Taliban negotiating team, according to source, to push through the deadlock that has frozen peace talks for over a month in Qatari capital Doha.

Taliban have at least two major demands that lead to a controversy over peace process: first, recognize Hanafi Fiqh as the sole religious reference for the talks; and second, the US-Taliban agreement as a “mother deal” for Afghan peace negotiations.

Afghan negotiating team offers alternatives to the demands made by the group: One, inclusion of the Afghan government in US-Taliban agreement as basis for the talks; and second, inclusion of Loya Jirga in the negotiations, according to source.

Meanwhile, NATO Senior Civilian Representative to Afghanistan, Ambassador Stefano Pontecorvo, who addressed a webinar on “NATO and Afghanistan Peace Process” on Tuesday, exclaimed the peace agreement between the United States and the Taliban does not mean handing over Afghanistan to the group. 

“We don’t think that the Taliban can win the war against the ANDSF,” he said, as quoted by TOLOnews. “One thing must be clear to everybody that this agreement [US-Taliban February accord] was not crafted to hand the country to the Taliban. There has to be a real negotiation.” 

Previously, the Republic team suggested alternatives of the Taliban demand of peace process; but the group disagreed, halting the process since September.