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Afghan Taliban to launch summer offensive from 12th May

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Ahmad Shah Ghanizada
Ahmad Shah Ghanizada
Ahmadshah Ghanizada is the deputy editor in chief for The Khaama Press Agency who manages and overlooks the English edition.

taliban-flag1The Taliban militants group in Afghanistan said Thursday that the group’s annual summer offensive will be launched in Afghanistan by next week.

According to a statement released by Taliban group, the annual summer offensive has been named as “Khaibar” and various modern military techniques including back-breaking suicide attacks, insider attacks and head-on offensive operations shall be utilized to carry out the operations.

“The upcoming ‘Khaibar’ operation shall begin with the cries of Allah u Akbar throughout the country at 5am local time on Monday 13th of Rajjab ul Murrajjab of the year 1435 (Hijri Lunar) corresponding with 22ndThuwar of 1393 (Hijri Solar) and 12th May of 2014,” Taliban said in its statement.

Taliban said foreign invaders and their backers under various names like spies, military and civilian contractors and everyone working for them like translators, administrators and logistics personnel will be targeted in their operations.

The group said all high ranking government officials, cabinet ministers, members of parliament, security officials, occupation backing officers in the Interior and Foreign Ministries, attorneys and judges that prosecute Mujahideen as well as agents in the National Directorate that pursue and torture Mujahideen will also be targeted.”

Taliban said the military gatherings of foreign invading forces, their diplomatic centers and convoys as well as the military bases of their internal mercenary stooges, their convoys and the facilities of foreign, interior, intelligence and Arbaki militia will be their main target.

“The plans for upcoming spring operations entitled ‘Khaibar’ have been drawn up by the specialists and courageous military commanders of the Islamic Emirate while also paying heed to the environmental and seasonal conditions of each region of the country and so will be launched in each area according to the laid out plans,” Taliban said.

Taliban also called on Afghan people to aid the group’s fighters and “avoid working with the enemy, to keep away from their military and intelligence gatherings and bases.”

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  1. it is all propaganda. we had heard these kind of statements several times. but, our beloved armies killed, defeated and arrested them.


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