The Taliban group in Afghanistan has formally confirmed a meeting between the group’s Qatar office delegation and Pakistani officials in Islamabad.

The group in a statement has a delegation comprising of five Taliban leaders visited Islamabad to hold talks with the Pakistani officials to explore ways for reviving peace talks.

The statement further adds that the group favors political settlement to end the ongoing violence in the country but no further details have been given.

This comes as Pakistani officials said last week that the Taliban group is not prepared to hold talks with the government as reports indicate that the Taliban supreme leader Mullah Hebatullah Akhundzada has sent a delegation to Islamabad to explore ways for reviving peace talks.

Pakistani officials privy of the development have confirmed to Dawn News that a delegation of the Taliban including Shababuddin Dilawar and Malawi Rasool, came from Qatar to explore prospects of resuming talks.

However, they have said the Taliban remained unmoved. “They are sticking to their past stance. They want to negotiate with the US through the Qatar Office, but refused to negotiate with the Afghan government.”

The officials have also added that Islamabad has proposed to the Taliban delegation to hold direct talks with the Afghan government which has been turned down by the group.