Afghan Taekwondo athelete Nisar Ahmad Bahawi on Friday defeated his rival from Moroco during his first match in Men’s 80 kilogram in London Olympics 2012.

During the first round of the match Nisar Ahmad Bahawi scored two 2 points while his rival from Moroco did not manage to score any points. The match was finished in favor of the Afghan athlete Nisar Ahmad Bahawi by 4/3, after his rival from Moroco scored a number of negative pionts during the second and third round of the competition.

He is expected to face his second rival in his upcoming match from Argentina.

This comes as Afghan Taekdondo athlete Rohullah Nikpa on Thursday won the second Olympics medal for Afghanistan.

Afghanistan was represented by Nisar Ahmad Bahawi and Rohullah Nikpa in Taekwondo at Olympics while Tahmina Kohistani and Massoud Aziz represnted Afghanistan in sprinting, Ajmal Faisal in boxing and Ajmal Faiz Zada in Judo.