The Special Operations Forces of the Afghan National Army reacted as a number of irresponsible armed men attempted to attack the airbase and army compound in Faryab province.

The 209th Shaheen Corps of the Afghan Military in the North said the Afghan Special Operations Forces conducted a night raid on the gatherings of the irresponsible armed men in Faryab province based on the intelligence tip off.

A statement by Shaheen Corps said the irresponsible armed men had carried out a number of attacks on army planes and were looking to storm the airbase and army compound.

The statement further added that the operation resulted into the apprehension of at least 21 armed individuals.

The Afghan Special Forces also confiscated two Humvee vehicles, an armored Land Cruiser, anti-aircraft guns, and several other types of weapons and munitions.

According to Shaheen Corps, a clash also broke out between the Afghan Special Forces and the armed individuals, leaving at least two irresponsible armed men dead and two others wounded.

This comes as the security situation remains tense in Faryab after the arrest of a prominent commander of Junbish Milli party Nizamuddin Qaisari by the Special Forces.