BeltonRenowned Afghan singer and musician Biltoon who recorded around 1,000 songs in Pashto and Dari languages during career died in capital Kabul on Monday.

Ismael Saadat an Afghan journalist with BBC and fan of Ustad Biltoon says “Bilton was ruling hearts, his demise will certainly leave a huge void in the hearts of his fans and the #Afghan folk music.”

Throughout his decades-long career, Ustad Biltoon recorded several songs for Radio Television Afghanistan (RTA).

He was 22-year-old when he recorded his first song “Dil Man Za Amayat Para Para-Ka me Wakhli Khabar Ay Nigara”, a Dari Pashto mixed song, at RTA.

Ustad Biltoon was a talented singer who had memorized more than 200 songs most of which belonged to renowned poet Bahai Jan.

Ustad Biltoon mainly had two instructors Ghulam Jailani and Salam Logari. From Jailani he learnt to play the Rubab and Tanbur.

Born, according to his relatives,  in 1913 in Chakri area of Kabul province, Ustad Biltoon was still a child when his parents died.

After the demise of his parents, Ustad Biltoon whose original name was Momen Khan moved to Charkh District of Logar province and stayed most of his life there.