Afghan unity government durationThe Afghan Senate House Chairman Fazal Hadi Muslimyar reacted towards US Secretary of State John Kerry’s remarks regarding the Government of National Unity after he announced the agreement for the formation of the government has no end and will have a duration of five years.

Muslimyar said such decisions by foreigners regarding the fate of Afghanistan are shameful, saying he ‘regrets and is ashamed that a foreign minister from a foreign country comes to Afghanistan and decides regarding our fate. This is a clear interference in the internal affairs of Afghanistan. The President and CEO could do this job as well to inform the Afghan people.’

He said the two leaders were supposed to tell the Afghan people that the agreement for unity government was for two years and will have a duration of five years.

This comes as Kerry arrived in Afghanistan on Saturday in an unannounced visit to meet with the Afghan officials.

He appeared in a press conference with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Saturday night following his visit to Kabul and said “There is no end to this agreement at the end of two years or in six months from now. This agreement ends – this is an agreement for a unity government, the duration of which is five years.”

Kerry further added that the agreement did mention the effort to try to have the potential of a Loya Jirga at some point within two years. That was a goal.

The agreement for the formation of National Unity Government in no way have some particular termination, Kerry said, adding that “The constitution has elected a president. The president has agreed to a unity government, and a political agreement was made between Dr. Abdullah and President Ghani for how they would go forward in a unity government.”

“But it is our understanding that that is a mandate for five years and there’s no termination whatsoever in six months,” he added.


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