The private economic sector in Afghanistan asked the international community and the US to release over $9 billion reserves of the country.

Representatives of the private sector who have gathered at the chamber of industry and commerce on Monday, September 13 warned of an economic and humanitarian crisis if the reserves were not released.

The US froze over 9 billion dollars reserves of Afghanistan’s central banks after the Taliban took power on August 15.

Afghan industrialists and investors asked the US not to violate human rights and release the amount of money as the money belongs to the people of Afghanistan not to any government.

They added that over 3 billion dollars among the over nine billion dollars frozen by the US belong to the private sector in Afghanistan.

Participants of the press conference said that Afghanistan is an importing and consuming country and warned if the money is not released the entire population will be affected.

Afghanistan is currently struggling with its economy and lack of cash in the banks.

Earlier, UN secretary-General’s special representative to Afghanistan Deborah Lyons had asked for the release of reserves and flow of money to avert humanitarian crisis in the country.