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Afghan President’s first message in exile, “politics failed in Afghanistan”


Afghan President Ashraf Ghani appeared in a video clip from UAE for the first time after he left the country on Sunday, August 15.

He said that the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces were not defeated but the politics of the Afghan government, the Taliban, and international partners.

Ashraf Ghani said that he was not willing to escape Afghanistan but the plot of his assassination made his security team take him out of the country.

Ghani said that he has no intention to remain in exile and is busy consulting to return to Afghanistan to contribute to guaranteeing justice and sovereignty of the Afghan people.

“I support the ongoing negotiations initiated by head of High Council for National Reconciliation Abdullah Abdullah and former President Hamid Karzai.” Ghani said.

About the accusations of having stolen millions of dollars, he said, nothing was taken by him even his personal laptop, books, and notebooks.

He added that people can inquiry from the customs staff of the host nation about the matter.

Ashraf Ghani said that he left the country to prevent bloodshed in Kabul as did the former leaders in Afghanistan who then returned back to the country.

The Afghan President now in exile said, he had repeatedly acknowledged that the peace process was a failure and that should have been based on the experience of the Afghan people.

Ghani though disclosed many things, promised to elaborate everything with details in the future.

He talks at a time when the country is still in a political vacuum and the Taliban’s key leaders have come to Afghanistan to discuss the future government.



    And that too – so fast ?

    It is foolish to write them off !

    They have a plan !

    They want to burden the Taliban with running the nation ! It is not the riots and insurrections ! It is food,water,power,education, employment, security of the people ! They surprised Taliban who will take time to set up their team !

    Their aim is to choke the Taliban and make it fall in the lap of PRC and Russia and Pakistan – so that Ghani and Company can gain relevance and possibly lead a return with the ANA ! The US will NOT like the PRC,Russian,Iranian axis via Afghanistan !

    Taliban has to 1st and foremost take care of the basic needs of the people – id.est.,food,water,power,education, employment, security of the people !

    It it fails – the people will insurrect, and the moles and spies embedded in Afghanistan, by the US and Ghani will activate and this time the ANA and other mercenaries will use the cover of the masses to attack the Taliban.

    By quitting, Ghani has also sent a message to the Indian weasels for NOT aiding the ANA – and thus,Ghani blew up the Indian Chabahar and the Indian investments in Afghanistan.

    Ghani and ANA are waiting and watching !

    1st Taliban have to end Corruption
    2nd provide basic amenties – id.est.,food,water,power,education at the lowest cost
    3 rd stabilise the currency

    Ghani and his gang know the nation and its people ! It is easier to start food inflation than to lead an insurrection ! Then Food Inflation will lead to the people’s insurrection and then Ghani and his merry men will come marching in !

    To start with,Taliban should get food aid from PRC and other nations, and ensure that the lowest strata of society, gets every morsel of the food – for free – and that will give them,the permanent anchor ! dindooohindoo


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