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Afghan pregnant Women’s children at Risk in Pakistan: The Guardian

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Written By: Hakim Bigzaad

The Guardian newspaper has reported that pregnant Afghan women stranded in Pakistan are at risk of losing their children if they are not urgently transferred to Britain.

This recent report by the British media reveals that Afghan women who collaborated with the British government and are currently stranded in Pakistan while pregnant are facing a grave risk of losing their children if they are not promptly relocated.

According to the report, these women are eligible for relocation, but the process of transferring Afghan government collaborators from Pakistan to the UK is progressing slowly.

The report states that pregnant women are stranded in Pakistani hotels with minimal access to doctors. Furthermore, the Pakistani government’s deportation of undocumented Afghan migrants has raised concerns and is hindering the relocation process, preventing them from leaving the hotels.

The Guardian spoke with one pregnant Afghan woman who lost her daughter last year due to a lack of access to healthcare in Pakistan and is now carrying a child with potential medical complications. She fears losing this child as well, stating, “The same nightmare is happening to us again. If the British government had brought us to safety, our daughter would still be alive. I doubt that this baby will be born healthy here in Pakistan. I know that if we were in the UK, our baby would receive medical care, but we are stuck here, and our lives are in limbo. This situation is extremely distressing.”

Another woman, Sadaf, who worked with the British Embassy in Kabul and is now in Pakistan, is suffering from high blood pressure. She is worried that her illness might harm her unborn child and has been unable to leave her residence due to fear of detention, making it challenging to obtain the doctor’s recommended care.

The International Organization for Migration in Pakistan, responsible for ensuring refugees’ access to healthcare, has stated that their ability to manage this issue has decreased in recent months.

In The Guardian’s report, a spokesperson from the UK Foreign Office is quoted as saying that eligible individuals in Pakistan have access to healthcare services.

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