Afghan security forces foiled a deadly suicide bomb blast in northern Baghlan province of Afghanistan during the first day of Eid.

Provincial security chief Asadullah Shirzad said the suicide bomber was looking to target guests in provincial security commandment and was arrested by Afghan security forces before he detonate his explosives.

Mr. Shirzad said the suspected suicide bomber was arrested on the first day of Eid around 3:30 pm local time while he was looking to enter the guest house of Baghlan security commandment.

He said Afghan security forces had already received intelligence information regarding the bombing attempt by a suspected suicide bomber.

The detained suicide bomber was recognized as Abdullah and was a resident of northern Kunduz province. He is the second the suicide bomber arrested during the past three days in Baghlan province of Afghanistan.

This comes as a suicide bomber on Friday detonated his explosives among the participants of the Eid prayers near a mosque in Maimana city at northern Faryab province of Afghanistan, killing more than 40 people.

In the meantime the detained suicide bomber in Baghlan province told reporters that he was looking to carry out suicide attack in coordination with an Afghan police officer.

He denied to disclose the name of the police officer who was supporting him however he said that he was looking to assassinate provincial security chief of Baghlan province.

The suspected suicide bomber was in police uniform while he was looking to detonate his explosives.

Provincial security chief Asadullah Shirzad said they have started investigations to find out how the suspected bomber achieved police uniform.