According to local authorities in eastern Ghazni province of Afghanistan, Afghan security forces foiled a deadly bombing attack plotted by Taliban group to attack the Ashura ceremony in this province.

Provincial security chief Zalawar Zahid said Taliban militants were looking to transport huge amount of explosives in eastern Ghazni city to detonate among the participants of Ashura.

Mr. Zahid further added around 1,400 kilograms of explosives were planted inside 28 barrels and the Taliban militants were looking transport the barrels from Wazirabad village to Ghazni city.

This comes as local security officials earlier announced the death of two senior Taliban group leaders including Mawlavi Abdul Wakil and Sardar Hafiz in this province.

Mawlavi Abdul Wakil was accused of killing provincial council chief and head of the appeal court for Ghazni province.

Ghazni province is among the relatively volatile region in eastern Afghanistan where Taliban militants were openly operating in its various districts.

In the meantime Zalawar Zahid provincial security chief said coalition forces seized a cache of weapons and explosives belonging to Taliban group from Deh Yak district on Friday.

He said it was one of the biggest Taliban group arms cache which was found in Deh Yak district.