January 18, 2018

Afghan peace process and the transitional justice

By Jawed Rostapoor - Thu Jan 03 2013, 9:27 am

Afghan peace processThe freedom of the Taliban group members by Pakistan following efforts by Afghan government and high peace council has became one of the most controversial issue discussed in Mass Medias and political events.

The freed Taliban group members are believed to be among the most senior leaders during the Taliban regime which has sparked tensions among the Afghans that may rejoin the militants group that will further boost the insurgency activities of the militants across the country.

In the meantime a number of the civil society and human rights officials criticize the government for the freedom of Taliban group members without considering specific conditions for their freedom and accuse the government for supporting the war criminals and human rights violators.

The Afghan senators also expressed concerns regarding the freedom of the Taliban group members and are saying that there is no guarantee the freed Taliban members will not join not join the militants groups since their destiny has not been specified.

Several Taliban militants who have been freed in the past have joined the militants groups to fight against the government and Afghan intelligence officials are saying they have arrested Taliban suicide bombers who were once arrested and were later freed.

There are also concerns that the freedom of the Taliban group members under the national peace strategy does not have a specified plan since the Islamic Party of Afghanistan led by Gulbuddi Hekmatyar and the Taliban group conveyed a clear message during the Paris conference on Afghanistan, which insisted on changing the current Afghan constitution.

However the question regarding the freedom of eight Taliban group members from Pakistan recently remains unanswered as neither the Afghan government nor the Afghan peace council have briefed the strategy behind their freedom.

Afghan high peace council called the freedom of the Taliban group members a major achievement towards peace talks with the militants in Afghanistan.  The move by Pakistan was also welcomed by Afghan president Hamid Karzai and he urged for the freedom of the remaining Taliban group members.

But the Afghan civil society, human rights and political analysts are saying that the questions regarding the future of the freed Taliban group members and their war criminal records remains unanswered and also it is not clear if they will not join the militants to fight against the government.

There are also concerns that the Afghan government will pave the way for the Taliban group members to become part of the government in a bid to encourage other militants join peace process however observers are saying that such peace process will have no meaning which will compromise with the transitional justice.

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