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Afghan Passport Labeled ‘Least Powerful’ in Henley Index

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Saqalain Eqbal
Saqalain Eqbal
Saqalain Eqbal is an Online Editor for Khaama Press. He is a Law graduate from The American University of Afghanistan (AUAF).

With its citizens only being able to visit 27 countries without a visa, the Henley Passport Index, which is updated quarterly, has once more named an Afghan passport as “the least powerful passport” in the world.

The Henley passport index, which was released on October 17th, places the Japanese passport at the top of the list, allowing its citizens to enter 193 countries and regions without a visa or visa on arrival.

On the list of nations where it is possible to enter 192 countries without a visa or with one upon arrival, Singapore and South Korea are the next two countries, ranking second.

Other top-ranked countries include Germany, Spain, Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Sweden, Austria, France, Portugal, Ireland, Belgium, New Zealand, Netherlands, Denmark, United Kingdom, Norway, and the United States of America, whose citizens can travel to more than 186 countries.

Afghan passports, which are at the bottom of the list as the weakest passports in the world, allow citizens to enter 27 countries and territories without a visa or with a visa upon arrival.

Afghanistan comes after Iraq, Syria, and Pakistan, which their passports allow the holders to visit 29, 30, and 32 countries respectively.

According to a former Afghan diplomat, Ghaws Janbaz, special points are taken into account when determining the rank.

“The attractiveness of a country and its people is actually reflected in its passport. Unfortunately, the passport of Afghanistan cannot have this beauty and attractiveness due to the specific situation that prevails in that country,” Janbaz said.

Afghan passports also received the lowest Henley Index ranking in the second quarter. Due to the Taliban’s rise to power and ties to Islamic extremist groups, many countries around the world now see the country as a threat.

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