March 30, 2018

Afghan passport identified as the least powerful in the world

By Khaama Press - Fri Feb 26 2016, 2:00 pm

Afghan passports the least powerful in the worldThe Afghan passport has been identified as the least powerful in the world for the restrictions the Afghans face in terms of visa-free travel, according to an updated index by a London-based consulting firm.

The index found Germans held the most powerful passports in the world for third year in row in 2016, according to the index update, cited in a report by Washington Post.

A number of the European nations and the United States, Japan and Canada are closely following Germany as the top nations holding the most powerful passports in the world.

The only countries listed below Afghanistan are South Sudan and Palestinian territories, according to the index update, with South Sudan being the youngest sovereign state in the world and Palestinian territories less diplomatically recognized by countries in the West.

The index update by Henley & Partners attempts to quantify the power of passports based on the judgments of the top passports in the world by the amount of visa-free travel they entitle their owner to.

The update by the London-based consulting firm comes as United Arab Emirates (UAE) imposed restrictions on Afghan nationals travel who are mainly heading towards Dubai for business and tourism.

The issue with UAE reportedly emerged with the issuance of the new electronic Afghan passports amid concerns that the citizens of the other countries misused the Afghan passports. However, the issue was later resolved as an agreement was reached between the two countries to improve the information quality of the newly issued e-passports.

Meanwhile, the demand by Afghans to apply for passports has increased last year with the deteriorating security situation across the country, forcing many Afghans to travel abroad, specifically to the Western countries by risking their lives and travelling through dangerous routes.

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