January 17, 2018

Afghan parliament reject state budget for second time

By Sayed Jawad - Wed Jan 16 2013, 8:13 pm

Afghan parliament violenceAfghan parliament on Wednesday once again rejected the state budget for the Afghan calendar year 1392 after majority of the Afghan lawmakers gave negative votes.

The state budget was rejected by 100 Afghan lawmakers while 45 other lawmakers gave positive vote the budget. This is the second time Afghan state budget is rejected by the Afghan parliament.

Ahmad Behzad, Afghan lawmaker representing western Herat province of Afghanistan said the state budget was rejected as the government did not consider major inftrastructure projects and the budget plan was not transparent.

Mr. Behzad further added major inftrastructure projects including Kabul-Herat highway which crosses from the central provinces of Afghanistan was not included in the state budget despite the government vowed to allocate funds for the project after Tokyo coference on Afghanistan.

Lack of transparency in the state budget was another reason that forced Afghan lawmakers to reject the state budget and according to Mr. Behzad around $580 million has been allocated under the “Caution Code” and the it is not clear on which projects the funds will be spent.

This comes as a number of the transparency watch organizations earlier urged the government to consider a balance in development projects in state budget in a bid to care the need of the Afghan people across the country.

The Afghan parliament also rejected the state budget due to lack of balance and government’s attention towards development projects.

The total state budget is comprised of $7 billion and majority of the budget will be paid through the international funds.

State budget for the Afghan calendar year 1391 was also rejected two times last year however it was finally approved by the Afghan lawmakers in a controversial environment.

The issue of balance in Afghan state budget has been one of the most controversial issues between the Afghan parliament and government during the recent years. The lawmakers criticize Afghan government for not allocating equal funds for various government institutions and provincial governments.

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