Afghan Parliament (2)The Lower House of the Parliament of Afghanistan approved the newly introduced cabinet ministers on Wednesday.

The five cabinet ministers and two members of the Supreme Council were introduced to the Lower House of Parliament to receive confidence votes.

Zarar Ahmad Muqbil Osmani was confirmed as foreign affairs minister after receiving 183 cofidence votes from the Lower House of the Parliament. Osmani received 32 no confidence votes, 14 invalid votes and 2 blank votes.

Mohammad Shakir Kargar was also confirmed as commerce and industries minister. He received 163 confidence votes, 39 no confidence votes, 6 invalid votes and 22 blank votes.

Mohammad Arif Noorzai received 177 confidence votes, 12 no confidence votes, 40 invalid votes and 3 blank votes, and was confirmed for the post of minister of energy and water.

The Lower House of the Parliament also confirmed Alhaj Mohamamd Baraka as the minister of mines and petroleum of Afghanistan. He received 164 confidence votes, 53 no confidence votes, 5 invalid votes and 9 blank votes.

Din Mohammad Mubariz was confirmed as counter-narcotics minister after receiving 166 confidence votes, 51 no confidence votes, 11 invlaid votes and 3 blank votes.

Afghan lawmakers also confirmed Di Mohammad Gran and Abdul Qadir Adalatkhwah as the members of the Supreme Court of Afghanistan.