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Afghan opium processed into heroin in Turkish labs for Europe

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heroinThe director of Russia’s Federal Narcotics Control Service said on Tuesday that Turkish laboratories are processing Afghan opium into heroin for deliveries to Europe.

According to Russia’s Sputnik news, Viktor Ivanov said that Russian and Afghan drug police confiscated more than 600 kilograms (over 1,300 pounds) of opium in a joint operation in December.

“The cargo traveled along the route of Badakhshan-Doshi-Bamiyan-Herat, then further through Iran and into Turkey, where the opium was processed in well-equipped laboratories … into high quality heroin, and then was to be sent to Europe and Russia,” according to Sputnik, Ivanov said during an anti-narcotics committee meeting.

Last week, Ivanov said that large shipments of Afghan heroin were being transited through Turkey into the Balkan states and on into the European Union.

Ivanov says the drugs from Afghanistan generate profits estimated at $150 billion annually for the people involved in the operations with them.

His comments come as Afghanistan has been designated among 22 countries as “major drug transit and/or major illicit drug producing countries” for 2016.

President Barack Obama said in September that “Illegal poppy cultivation in Afghanistan is among the most difficult international drug-control problems.”

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  1. That’s true but gappy information about this issue. Because, This route is controlled by Iran Intelligence and the terrorist organisation PKK inside the Turkish territory. Especially, Baskale town of Van city and Yuksekova town of Hakkari city which is known the active terrorist activities and the main job of the community is smuggling in that area. However, PKK is supported by amny foreign countries including Russia, European countries and Iran, as well. That’s why, Russia knows how it works. On the other hand Russia is one of the PKK terrorist organisation’s boss. Instead of blaming Turkey after their military jet knocked off by Turkish military, they should assess their role, benefit and of course, their crime in this narcotic bussiness. Russia should be frankly. They are creating this caos situation in that territory to make Turkey weak. Afterwards, they are also blaming Turkey.  


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