During his speech at the 7th anniversary of the death of Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim, Amrullah Saleh, the first vice president said he will never sign a document prepared under by Pakistan’s Haqqania Madrasas.

“We have been Muslims for more than a thousand years, now a few mullahs from the Haqqani network wants to certify us as Muslims”, he criticized Pakistan for not pressuring the Taliban.

As the United States proposed the idea of forming an inclusive government through Turkey conference and establishment of three-months of reduction in violence (which may or not lead to peace) to advance the peace process and in response to the letter that surprised many Saleh said that he will never accept a dictated peace.

Saleh said the US can decide about troops pullout from Afghanistan but it is our “legitimate right to never compromise “the future of 35 million Afghans according to others’ schedule” and that he is ready to die rather than accept a dictated peace.

He said that Afghan people have the right to vote which cannot be compromised and the government is ready to negotiate an election date.

Afghanistan will never accept “illegitimate demands” that refuse people’s right to vote.

“If the Taliban agree on the principle of elections with us”, we are ready to set a date for elections, Saleh whined.

According to Saleh 60 civil society activists, religious scholars, prosecutors, and tribal elders were killed in targeted attacks in the past few months.

He indicated that the government’s stance has not changed on reconciliation efforts and “will never change”, he said in response to the US Secretary of State, Blinken’s letter.

Saleh said Afghanistan’s relations with the west and Americans are fundamental “but whenever our interests are violated” our nation will be informed, he added “we will not ignore” the constitution of Afghanistan.

The country needs peace and that the Republic government understands that peace is a need and “no one will stand against peace” and peace will be made with dignity, Saleh added.

An imposed peace is not acceptable to the government and the people of Afghanistan that does not guarantee real peace.

According to First Vice President, Afghanistan will never bow to a deal by some individuals that endanger our system, our achievement, and people’s right to vote.  

Meanwhile, Abdullah Abdullah chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation hinted that he had received the letter two days before the arrival of the US special envoy, Zalmay Khalilzad in Kabul.

 He did not defend the letter but said there are some issues to be brought up in it, he added that no one can impose anything including division, discrimination, and disunity on the people of Afghanistan.
He said the right to vote is one of the massive achievements of the Afghan people and that it shouldn’t be compromised.

Abdullah reiterated that the right to vote is one of the biggest achievements of Afghans that should not be compromised.

A senior advisor to the president and politician, Mohammad Mohaqiq during the event remarked that the achievements of the past two decades shouldn’t be ignored, he said that the letter showed the weakness of the US State Department because they have not recognized Afghanistan’s structure and with coercive language and coerced peace will not lead to any result.

He said the International community and the world should consider Afghanistan’s dignity.

The government calls the Taliban to join it because they have a system, military, human rights, and constitution, Mohaqiq indicated, asking that “Why should we join the Taliban”.

We do not fight against any party to join them in the mountains, Mohaqiq said.

This comes as Roland Kobia, EU special envoy for Afghanistan referring to the letter tweeted that “Afghanistan has a Constitution, had elections, held Loya Jirgas, has Joint Declaration with the US, is engaged in Doha process” he added that Afghanistan has the support of the majority of the international community, the nations of UN Security Council and Geneva has vowed to protect achievements and the Republic of Afghanistan.

Blinken at the end of his letter has said that he is “concerned that the security situation will worsen and that the Taliban could make rapid territorial gains”.