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Afghan National Flees to Kabul to Evade Canadian Auto Theft Charges

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KABUL, Afghanistan – In a recent unveiling by Crime Stoppers, Mansor Abdul, a 34-year-old Afghan national, has been identified as a key figure in a major auto theft ring in Canada, now seeking refuge in Kabul to escape Canadian law enforcement.

During a press conference, York Regional Police, in collaboration with the Equite Association and Crime Stoppers of York Region, disclosed their top five most wanted suspects for auto theft in 2023, with Abdul topping the list. He is accused of orchestrating a stolen vehicle trafficking operation, as uncovered in Project Majestic.

The investigation revealed that Abdul’s ring was involved in shipping stolen vehicles overseas, particularly to the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon. However, before the operation’s completion, which resulted in the recovery of 64 stolen vehicles valued at $3.5 million in the Republic of Malta, Abdul fled to Kabul. His return to Canada remains uncertain, as he continues to evade arrest.

Abdul’s departure underlines the growing trend of international criminals using Afghanistan as a sanctuary to escape justice. This move has raised concerns among law enforcement agencies about the challenges of cross-border crime and the difficulty in extraditing fugitives from countries with complex political landscapes.

The York Regional Police highlighted the extent of the auto theft problem, indicating that Canada has become a “source nation” for stolen vehicles, with organized crime groups profiting from exporting stolen vehicles through major ports like Montreal or altering them for domestic resale.

Bryan Gast, Vice President of Investigative Services at Equite Association, emphasized the high profit margins in vehicle theft and the perceived low risk of prosecution, which continues to fuel this criminal industry.

Abdul’s case is a stark reminder of the international dimensions of organized crime and the importance of global cooperation in law enforcement. As he remains at large in Kabul, Canadian authorities are faced with the challenge of navigating international legal complexities to bring him to justice.

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