December 17, 2017

Afghan MPs summon Ismail Khan over Mujahideen Council

By Sajad - Sat Dec 01 2012, 8:20 pm

Afghan House of Representatives on Saturday decided to summon Afghan Water and Energy Minister Mohammad Ismail regarding the formation of Mujahideen Council and distribution of weapons in western Afghanistan.

Over 50 Afghan lawmakers signed to summon Water and Energy Minister Mohammad Ismail Khan who is due to attend Afghan Parliament session on Monday.

Kamal Nasir Asuli chief of the parliamentarian commission in religious and cultural affairs said, “Ismail Khan in his speech in western Herat province of Afghanistan proposed the formation of Mujahideen Council besides the Afghan government and provincial governor for Herat province has also said that some individuals in Herat province have received arms and weapons which is a crime and therefore Afghan lawmakers are going to decide in this regard.”

While speaking among thousands of former Mujahideen fighters and his followers in Herat province around a month ago Ismail Khan urged them to become united under the Mujahideen Council in western Afghanistan. Afghan police forces arrested a number of individuals who had received weapons and had identity cards of Mujahideen Council but local offficials in Herat province said they will not allow any irresponsible armed individuals to operate in this province.

In the meantime Afghan lawmakers said a number of the Afghan MPs who have supported to summon Ismail Khan have received threats from unknown individuals.

On the other hand Kamal Nasir Asuli said Ismail Khan will also be summoned to brief Afghan lawmakers regarding the unappropriate allocation of funds in watern and energy projects.

He said there are also other reasons which forced Afghan lawmakers to summon Ismail Khan to brief house of representatives regarding the wastage of water and lack of proper policy by Afghan water and energy ministry. Also Afghan lawmakers criticized water and energy ministry for being failed to properly use the Amu River water.

Mr. Asuli said Ismail Khan received confidence vote from the Afghan parliament and therefore he should brief lawmakers regarding his operations.

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  1. I am still confused that what the hell is he doing in water and energy ministry. He is a killer long time ago and how he can manage those main energy resources in all around Afghanistan. Kick him out of his house even because that is even made by the poor people’s blood too. 

    I hope this action continues till we can kick out the Killer Sayaaf, Mahqiq, and many more whom are still chilling in parliament. 

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