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Afghan MPs approve Farid Hamidi as new Afghan Attorney General

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Farid HamidiThe Afghan parliament has approved Farid Hamidi as the new Attorney General during a voting process organized in the Lower House of the Parliament, Wolesi Jirga.

He unanimously approved for the post after receiving 200 votes of confidence from the lawmakers present during today’s session.

Hamidi was introduced to the Afghan parliament by Vice President Sarwar Danish last week along with the nominees for the Ministry of Interior and member of the Supreme court.

His appointment as Attorney General comes as presidential special envoy for good governance Ahmad Zia Massoud insisted on the vital role of fight against corruption during a gathering in capital Kabul last week.

In his speech during a gathering in Kabul, Massoud said over 1,500 corruption cases are lying in the Afghan Attorney General which needs immediate follow up.

Massoud warned that the international aid to Afghanistan would dry up if the government fails to acquire a political will to fight the corruption.

He suggested a comprehensive reform in the judiciary institutions of the country in a bid to curb the growing corruption in the country.

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  1. Mr.Hamidi you are a very qualified person for this job and we wish all the best. But if you going to act like the Mr. Aloko and Mr. Sabet you will not change anything in Kabul. I understand this is might not be criminal case but why MP like Mullah Tarakhail has 3 ( white color Chevy vehicles with no license plates never paid tax on them to government and without MOI permission he is carrying RPG-7 and PKM machine guns in Kabul City? Has anyone ever asked them this question? why the powerful always have black widows vehicles while it’s illegal per Ghani’s orders? In AIHRC you had beard and now you are clean shaven hope this is a good start and you will do some work and not get corrupt like others. BTW Terrorists are getting released from detention cuz they are bribing your NDS prosecutors please conduct sting operation and you will find many of these judges and prosecutors taking money. All judges must be polygraph and the government prosecutors and first question should Have you ever taken money to favor a case ? and have you ever used your government position for personal gains? Good luck.

  2. Polygraph or lie detector test with full background check should be part of condition for all judges and government prosecutors especially those corrupt judges who have been there in jobs for long time. You can always ask for assistance from NDS and MOI or EUPOL Police to help you this regard. You want to bring revolution to this poor country start from your judges. Do not declare fake ” Jihadi” like Mr.Sabet on criminals while he himself was corrupt and greedy.


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