Afghan Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter Shirshah Mubariz has defeated his South Korean rival during an MMA event in China.

The head of the MMA Federation in AFghanistan Baz Mohammad Mubariz said Shirshah has participated in the China Mixed Martial Arts championship with a weight of 72 kilograms.

Mubariz further added that Shirshah managed to defeat his South Korean rival who had 77 kilograms of weight.

According to Mubariz, Sabrullah Bigzad will appear in China MMA championship fights against his rivals in the category of plus 80 kilogram.

The two Afghan MMA fighters and their trainer Baz Mohamamd Mubariz left for China on Wednesday to take part in China MMA championship.

According to reports, MMA athletes from at least 18 countries have taken part in the ongoing MMA championship in China which will be held over a period of three days.