February 07, 2018

Afghan lawmakers oppose retaining dismissed ministers

By Sajad - Mon Aug 06 2012, 5:55 pm

Afghan parliament members on Monday opposed with the Afghan president Hamid Karzai’s decision to reappointed Bismillah Mohammadi former Afghan interior and Abdul Rahim Wardak former defense minister as acting ministers for defense and interior ministries.

However Afghan presidential palace officials on Sunday said the two dismissed ministers have been appointed as acting ministers for the two ministries on a temporary basis until new nominees are introduced to Afghan house of representatives.

Afghan lawmakes on Monday said the two appointment of Bismillah Mohammadi and Abdul Rahim Wardak as acting ministers is against the Afghan constitution and is opposite to the promises of president Hamid Karzai to support law and regulations.

They also said president Karzai is not allowed to reappoint dimissed ministers as acting head of a ministry based on the law which was passed by Afghan house of representatives.

Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi chief of the Afghan house of representatives urged president Karzai to reconsider his decision for appointing Abdul Rahim Wardak and Bismilalh Mohammadi as acting ministers.

He also said a formal letter has been sent to Afghan presidential palace to urge president Karzai to respect the decision of the Afghan lawmakers.

Afghan interior and defense ministers were summoned by Afghan parliament members two days in order to brief the lawmakes regarding growing violence and cross-border incursion by Pakistan, and were dismissed from their positions following a voting.

Afghan lawmakers also urged president Karzai to introduce new nominees for the two ministries.

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