Afghanistan reality TV Talent showAccording to reports an Afghan politician and member of the parliament Abdul Sattar Khawasi has declared Jihad (holy war) against the television talent shows calling the programs against the culture and customs of the country.

Khawasi has reportedly secured a promise from the Afghan minister of information to review the programmes which he condemns the way they feature unveiled women singing and dancing.

“I have already made it clear in the lower house that I am going to start a jihad against these kind of shows and programmes on our television channels,” Khawasi quoted by The Telegraph said.

His criticisms were mainly aimed at the program,’Voice of Afghanistan’, which follows the established format of ‘The Voice’ with blind auditions and battle rounds, and is featured by Aryana Sayeed, who was born in Kabul but now lives in London having established herself as an international star, as one of the three singing coaches.

The Afghan lawmaker Abdul Sattar Khawasi quoted by The Telegraph said, “Look at its name, The Voice of Afghanistan, how sweet the name is and how great it looks, but unfortunately look at the contents of the show – it does not represent the culture and customs of our country.”

This comes as Ariana Sayeed  has faced a barrage of criticism on social media sites for not wearing a headscarf and wearing figure-hugging clothes.

The critics on the Facebook page of ‘Voice of Afghanistan’ suggest she might be better off working as an escort and complain that Afghan women are shown dancing.