December 17, 2017

Afghan Judo athlete defeated in Olympics in 17 seconds

By Sajad - Sun Jul 29 2012, 9:11 pm

Afghan Judo athlete Ajmal Faiz Zada was defeated by his Hungarian rival during the Olympic matches in London. He lost the game in the first 17 seconds of the match.

Faiz Zada faced Miklos Ungvari in the weight of 66 kilograms in his first and last match of the London Olympics 2012.

Ajmal Faiz Zada was born to a middle class Afghan family and is working in a vehicle paint shop in capital Kabul to earn for his family besides conducting his Judo trainings.

In the meantime Afghan boxer Ajmal Faisal is going to face his opponent from France on Monday. Ajmal Faisal Afghan boxer is 21 years old.

Afghan Taekwondo athletes Nisar Ahmad Bahawi and Rohullah Nikpa are going to face their opponents during the 9th and 10th of August. Meanwhile Masoud Azizi and Tahmina Kohistani are going to face rivals in running contest during the third and fourth of August.

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    In South Asian countries, Pakistan now compete as a coach for the team I lead.
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