December 17, 2017

Afghan journalists boycott Taliban coverage after reporter’s death in hotel attack

By Ghanizada - Fri Mar 21 2014, 10:40 pm

978xThe Afghan journalists declared to boycott reporting on Taliban group following the deadly attack on Serena hotel in Kabul city which left at least nine people dead including an Afghan reporter along with his wife and two children.

A group of prominent Afghan journalists issued a statement through their Facebook page ‘Afghan Journalist Family’, condemning the death of Afghan reporter Saradar Ahmad, his wife and his two young children.

The group in its statement said such attacks by the Taliban militants can never be justified and such offensives are solely aimed at projecting terror among the Afghan citizens.

The statement further added that a collective decision was taken by journalism family in Afghanistan to boycott coverage of news related to Taliban for a period of 05 days.

Afghan Journalist Family questioned the Taliban group to explain their justification regarding the shooting of innocent children from a close range.

Taliban militants group in Afghanistan claimed responsibility behind the attack on Serena hotel which took place late Thursday night.

Taliban claimed that 22 foreign invaders and high ranking officials were killed following the attack.

Afghan president Hamid Karzai also condemned the killing of Afghan reporter with his family members. “It’s with sadness that I learned of the loss of a talented Afghan journalist- Sardar Ahmad who was killed along with his wife and his two lovely children in yesterday’s terrorist attack carried out by the enemies of the people of Afghanistan on Serena Hotel,” Karzai said.

President Karzai said the killing of Ahmad, his wife and two children is the biggest crime, and a painful tragedy.

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  1. Accept our condolences. Since the press is not covering Taliban now, perhaps, Taliban related news? Russia has decided to start meddling in Afghanistan again!

    “You see Russia’s interest in Afghanistan rising. It’s visible,” said Stepan Anikeev, the spokesman for the Russian Embassy in Kabul. “We want to enlarge our role in the region. It’s not only for Afghanistan, but for our own goals,” the spokesman said according to the Kabul-datelined story. The Post report noted that Russia’s ‘recent invasion and brutal takeover along with rigged unsupervised election to ensure wining new territory’ into its neighbor, Ukraine, and its annexation of Crimea reflect its intent to maintain dominance by any means necessary.

    Sounds very interesting. And can Afghanistan expect same treatment from Russia? You know we Afghans already have a little problem with the Taliban, we really don’t need Russia here, especially in light that our major trade partners, the EU, USA, and the UN are much more important to us than Russia, and they are at odds with the lawless types like Putin. But if Russia were to get with Hamid Karzai and his Taliban brothers, we are sure Russia could find something to do together. Please make sure you contact him after he leaves office. He has been acting like a Russian dictator recently making life harder for common Afghans, and we could not be happier to see him go.

    “In Syria, Putin is strongly backing the government of President Bashar al-Assad as he seeks to crush a rebellion with lethal Russian military weapons that has received condemnation from the West”, said Stepan Anikeev. – Now wait just a second! President Bashar al-Assad is conducting genocide! And the only reason USA can’t help there is because they need to finish helping Afghanistan. And President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons on his own people, sold to him by the Russians! You Russians need to stay away from all our Presidents and Taliban.

    According to the Post, the new warmth between the Kremlin and Afghanistan was visible this week when the Afghan government released a message from Putin marking the Islamic new year.
    “It was the only such message made public, and was released at a time when the United States and European governments are imposing sanctions on Russia for its invasion into Ukraine. China and Japan also denounce Putin’s blatant disregard for international law.

  2. How do we know the Taliban bullets killed him and it was not the response of security forces?

    1. That is a good question however, unfortunately there are many of such questions that Afghan nation want to be answered by Afghanistan government and its west based sponsored. Why the journalist was killed, was he the prime target?

  3. Amna Rizvi : Killed who?

    1. The journalist and his family. Apparently the terrorists have denied killing him.

  4. While I’m pretty sure that had Putin ‘invaded’ the Crimea the same way the US ‘invaded’ Afghanistan, or as the Soviets did in the ‘bad old days’, he would have met resistance from a ‘taliban’ there. Let’s remember that all three are instances of somebdy ‘inviting’ the invaders to do that.

    What’s noticeably different is that Putin didn’t need bombings or shootings,mass arrests and Guantanamos to ‘cope’ with the Crimeans. In fact they seem to have had a rock festival and public party to celebrate their .referendum.

    Which is more than Afghans got.

    Afghans still have more to fear from their ‘friends’ than any new enemies.

  5. What a joke, if you dont publish comments that tells the truth then please remove this comment part!

  6. USA is ahmaq!

  7. Amna Rizvi, BaldurDasche, Fareed Did you just hear the news?

    Hamid Karzai sided with Russia, his new friends in a childish snub to USA because USA did not do what he wanted them to do.

    So what did USA do?

    USA gave $7 billion in weapons the Afghan Army wanted. Now the Afghan Government is saying ” No fair USA, you promised Afghanistan those weapons” Then USA said back to Afghan government, “True but you have been Promising USA promises for years and we did say that there would be consequences for not cooperating and delaying of signing BSA” USA went on to say ” USA does not have ability to work with Afghan government whimsical time line. USA is leaving”

    USA went on to say ” Look any Afghan Moron can drive a car, we need Afghanistan AFA to prove they can drive, operate, and MAINTAIN equipment, not just drive it”

    Afghan’s we do love you, we have hope in you, but we trust the Pakistani’s more because the Pakistani’s have functioning government. Not only does your government not function, your current leader is a moron”. And Afghan’s elected him in 2009 so do not blame USA. Blame yourselves.

    1. Wow man you guys mastered this game of blaming Karzai for your short coming. Grow up comon world is not fool.

  8. Wow man you guys mastered this game of blaming Karzai for your short coming. Grow up comon world is not fool.

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