1378022_535384483215492_1142417057_n (1)The Afghanistan national directorate of security (NDS) said Wednesday that the Afghan intelligence did not have any political intervention in elections process.

“NDS did not have or will have any political intervention in the elections,” NDS said following a statement.

The statement further added that NDS rejects the release of any government data to anyone outside its regular chain of reporting.

The national directorate of security also added that the impartiality of the Afghan intelligence is acknowledged by all citizens of Afghanistan.

“NDS strongly condemns the unfair and unjust blaming of the security institutions of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, who are in the first line to defend the people of Afghanistan,” the statement said.

The statement also added, “During the First and Second rounds of Presidential Elections in the past two months, Afghanistan National Directorate of Security (NDS), as the country’s responsible organization, along with other security institutions has accomplished its mission with bravery, honesty and impartiality,” the statement by NDS said.

The Afghan intelligence operatives have managed to disrupt, dismantle and eliminate some of the most dangerous terrorist networks who were planning to disrupt elections, NDS said.