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Afghan intelligence chief slams Pakistan, criticizes Ghani in a rare statement

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Rahmatullah NabilThe Afghan Intelligence – National Directorate of Security (NDS) Chief Rahmatullah Nabil issued an unusual statement slamming Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for his remarks delivered during the Heart of Asia summit where he said the enemy of Afghanistan is Pakistan’s enemy.

The message was posted on official Facebook page of Mr. Nabil earlier tonight and shortly after the leaders of the two countries agreed to revive the stalled Afghan peace talks.

Nabil said the innocent Afghan civilians were martyred and beheaded in Kandahar airfield, Khanshin district of Helmand, Takhar and Badakhshan at the same Nawaz Sharif was delivering his speech, once calling the enemy of Afghanistan as Pakistan’s enemy.

In parts of his message, Nabil was apparently criticizing President Ghani for his remarks in Islamabad today, saying “At least 1,000 litres blood of our innocent people spilled which was similar to the red carpet where we did a cat walk. But the one who was present with us in the gathering and made an announcement from Quetta city of Pakistan under the name of Taliban, using the ISI computer to claim the glory. And we became so much apprehended and excited with 21 artillery gun salute that we agreed regarding the execution of 40 assaults/operations against the enemies of Pakistan and promised to soon launch a large operation against Mullah Fazlullah in a bid to keep our 60-year-old friend glad.”

However, Nabil said Mullah Fazlullah has been residing in Pakistan and ISI guesthouses during the past several months and years, insisting that Mullah Fazlullah is part of ISI projects.

Nabil also added that Sirajuddin Haqqani (Khalifa Sahib) was busy in a circumcision ceremony of his newborn baby from his third wife as Mulalh Akhtar Mansoor was busy plotting further attacks to kill more people in Afghanistan from By Pass area of Quetta city where he was provided security by ISI and in the presence of Colonel Rana who is also famous as Rabani.

Concluding his statement with the message ‘Thanks God I was not there’, Nabil has raised a question in Pashto, saying ‘What happened to our 5000-year-old history? That kneeled in front of a 60-year-old history’.

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  1. Nabil violates the very basic roles of the thumb. Being the chief of command, Ghani has right to take the peace agenda ahead with every country. Nabil being the subordinate of the chief of command should not criticize Ghani for what he was honored. At the same time Nabil is very right for what he criticized the hypocrites of Pakistan. Pakistan will use this conference to come up with clean hands before the international community but in reality she dives deeper in the innocent blood that shed yesterday and in no way will find place in the hearts and minds of the common Afghans.We hope that good governance will be in the first priority of the current government in order to let the chain of command not be violated in an open way that brings humiliation to the nation.   

  2. Such paid persons of Northern Alliance are the major hurdles in brotherly relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Look when Pakistan PM and Afghanistan President are going to meet each other, Qandar Airport was attacked and named Taliban. They are the people who don’t want Pakistan and Afghanistan live like brothers. These are the same people who given the task to blame Pakistan and change the public opinion. They should be thrown out of Afghanistan if you want peace in the region.

  3. You are one of those fifth column agent to spread mean spirited remarks about the Afghan patriotic people. your games of spreading lies are no longer bought anybody. become decent and defend your country against the panjabi run pakistan and if you are a paki, then fuck off and you will pay for your crimes against the pashtoons and balochies one of these days.

    • Adam and Asemayie: It will take time that you will be mature enough to know how administration and government work. Have you ever seen any intelligence agency head in the world that criticizes the head of the state in open media? Learn how to articulate words and learn the ethics of language when writing in media. Always use the Amygdala to control your emotional intelligence. I am patriotic Afghan and it is not you to label me with your Fitwa.  

  4. in response to mr. Afghan comments I would like to make this comment. Your view very much reflects the type of comments that the agents of ISI spread around. Nabil seem to be a true Afghan whose ancessors have thought the masters of Panajabies, great britain, good lessons in defending their country. who are these Panjabi run military that is protecting the interests of their masters and avenge the defeat of thier masters at the hand of Afghans to slaughter afgahns whether taliban or ordinary Afghans. ISI has been able to use the honesty of pashtoons and its fake mullah londonies to brain wash afghan children to attack their own country. Just a few taliban leaders who are traitors to thier country and countrymen are at the service of ISI, the center of world terrorism. So if you are a ISI agent fuck off and if you are part of the afghan traitors who are sold out to ISI, the you are more enemy to Afghanistan than ISI. Ghani, the madman, came to power through cheating and controversial election result and I will not doubt if he is found to be working for the interest of ISI and the enemies of Afghanistan. I solute Mr. Nabil to tell the truth to Afghans and stop kidding yourself by your stupid and non sense comments. Afghans know what is going on and you will be pay tor all your crimes committed in Afghanistan and hope when that day comes, you terrorist do not go to hide behind their master

    • guys you need chill out , countries on war and hate , never get nowhere , please help people or government to fix the old problems and issues that our ancestors has created and passed it to all of us , i believe that build only hate and uncivilized part of human being , if we wana grow and give our childrens a bright future and make our countries a heaven for our loved ones and feel secure next to each other thats the best we can pass to next generations, what happen with japan and WWII and many more countries but look at how they took revenge by building their country by industries and exports , well there are several examples of diff countries , but lets get it straight , you cant change the fate of nation unless you teach them peace and humanity for yourslf and your neighbors and world around , 

  5. The Punjabis of Napakistan and their Pashtun stooges should never be trusted.While this Nawaz Sharif is talking his ISI Terrorist proxies is killing innocent Pashtun Afghans in Kandahar. Afghanistan shld realize they shld go forward alone and build its army and airforce to give a fitting reply to the bastard Punjabis and their stooges. Afghans are being slaughtrered everywhere ,in Kabul,Wardak,Konduz, Faryab and Ghani s acting like a poodle of Pakistan. Strengthe your army, economy and build your country and stand together and retake Pashtunkhwa and move the border to Rishwabad,That will be the only guarantee of safety and peace-Pashtukhwa and Peshawar and Quetta must become part of Loy Afghanistan.As long as it is not,the pig Army of Punjabis and their Pashtun stooges will ause fitna in Afghanistan.


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