November 18, 2018

Afghan Intelligence Chief Rahmatullah Nabil Resigns

By Khaama Press - Thu Dec 10 2015, 3:32 pm

Rahmatullah NabilThe Afghan Intelligence – National Directorate of Security (NDS) Chief Rahmatullah Nabil has resigned shortly after issuing an unusual statement, slamming Pakistan for supporting the anti-government elements in Afghanistan and criticizing President Ghani for his approach.

The resigned of Nabil has reportedly been accepted by the government but the officials have not formally confirmed the report so far.

Nabil issued a rare statement late on Wednesday night, posted on his official Facebook page, and shortly after the Pak-Afghan leaders agreed to revive the controversial Afghan peace talks.

Nabil said the innocent Afghan civilians were martyred and beheaded in Kandahar airfield, Khanshin district of Helmand, Takhar and Badakhshan at the same Nawaz Sharif was delivering his speech, once calling the enemy of Afghanistan as Pakistan’s enemy.

In parts of his message, Nabil was apparently criticizing President Ghani for his remarks in Islamabad today, saying “At least 1,000 litres blood of our innocent people spilled which was similar to the red carpet where we did a cat walk. But the one who was present with us in the gathering and made an announcement from Quetta city of Pakistan under the name of Taliban, using the ISI computer to claim the glory. And we became so much apprehended and excited with 21 artillery gun salute that we agreed regarding the execution of 40 assaults/operations against the enemies of Pakistan and promised to soon launch a large operation against Mullah Fazlullah in a bid to keep our 60-year-old friend glad.”

Frustrated with the growing interference of Pakistan in internal affairs of Afghanistan and President Ghani’s approach, Nabil questioned regarding the 5000-year-old history of Afghanistan saying it has kneeled to a 60-year-old history.

Nabil also added that the Pakistani Taliban chief Mullah Fazlullah has been residing in Pakistan and ISI guesthouses during the past several months and years, insisting that Mullah Fazlullah is part of ISI projects.

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  1. Taliban must be hanged or executed like in Saudi Arabia….you cannot have soft approach on them,they are indoctrinated so much that they can withstand pressure,so only option is death sentence or execution

  2. There is no taleban,there is only ISI and Pakistani army. Taleban is just a futile name. there is the Napakistani army that use militans in an undeclared war to colonise and subjugate Afghanistan and make it a Punjabi colony of Lahoristan and Heera Mandi. The war must be taken to Punjab and Lahore. Now is the time to stengthen Afghanistan and not to be divided. Ghani is trying to bring peace but Pakistan is not willing as it says one thing and its ISI who is in control of Pakistan does something else.Stop just crying and prepare your militaries and airforce to reach its maximum poptential .

    1. What a foolish reply

    2. It’s funny how this guy Nabeel was once a refugee in Pakistan. He lived here, studied here and then things changed for some reason. And this 5000 year old history that he has talked it a history of peace and prosperity?
      People of Afghanistan should ask themselves how they lived before. Go back 300 or 500 years, did ISI exist at that time? How was life in subcontinent then? Were there peace? Traditionally Afghanis have always preferred to fight. 
      Pakistan has no sympathy for Talibans. We’ve had enough of our own and gave up 80,000 lives. If Afghanis have seen beheadings, so have Pakistanis. There were times when the most bombed cities in the world were either baghdad or cities of Pakistan. Pakistanis went ahead of that time, took it bravely, we saw our loved ones die too.
      I don’t understand the blame of Afghanistan that Pakistan has become so powerful over the years that it has defeated the combine efforts of NATO forces and Afghanistan’s will to bring peace and harmony. 
      People of Pakistan love people of Afghnaistan. They do business here, live here, burried here, treated here in our hospitals, share memories with us, they have become our own people but the hatred from Afghanis is just not ending. After 9/11, if Talibans were so close to ISI, why did it let US hit them? It’s high time for Afghanistan to stop the blame game and act maturely. Afghanistan’s been getting a lot of financial aid from some countries. They are free to develop their country. If they fail, it’s their failure. Government and people’s failure. You get weapons, military, money, do whatever you want to do. Bring prosperity in your country. 
      And Reza Khan Yousafzai, Punjab is a lot more than Heera Mandi, Probably that’s the only place you’ve been to in Pakistan. The very same province is the house of saints as well. People who sacrificed their lives to keep the whatever spirituality and religion alive in us today. I hope my point is clear.

  3. we have nothing against the people of Pakistan. Pakistan is a fail state. Its government supports terrorists everywhere. 

  4. By not trying to bring peace and continue the on going way of dealing with this situation..Mr. Nabil and his likes are helping the chaos and mayhem continue with more bloodshed and loss of life. It appears that they are not interested in a solution to this insurgency which the US ..allies and ANA have so far failed to defeat with force.
    Whenever the peace talks are going to happen..they are sabotaged with an incident or a news it the qatar talks or the recent negotiations. And Mr. Nabil is openly opposing the peace talks so much that he had to.resign in protest. Clearly he does not seem to care about the destruction and bloodshed by blocking the talks which are aimed to stop the insurgency and bring peace.

  5. Proves, Pakistan leads. Afghan government willing to do anything to please pakistan, but hypocrite ISI, won’t do nothing in the favor of afghanistan.

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