Afghan police extortionAfghan highway police forces have been accused of extortion and misbehavior on the main highways of Afghanistan.

Integrity Watch Afghanistan in its latest report has revealed that 60 percent of Afghan police forces are involved in extortion and misbehavior with the drivers on Afghanistan highways.

Akrak Fazli, a member of the Integrity Watch Afghanistan told reporters in Kabul that the investigations have revealed that 6 highway police check posts out of 10 are involved in extortion and misbehavior with the drivers.

Mr. Fazli further added that the drivers are paying an average of 300 Afghanis as extortion money to highway police.

He said over 370 highway police officers were interviewed by Integrity Watch Afghanistan and it was revealed that that the presence of highway police was not solely for the security purposes.

According to the report, 41 percent of the truck drivers believe that the presence of highway police is not effective to reduce robbery, which is one of the main risk for the drivers.

Meanwhile, Afghan interior ministry officials have said that the report of Integrity Watch Afghanistan cannot be confirmed at the moment since there has been a considerable reduction in extortion and corruption among the highway police forces.

Interior ministry spokesman, Sediq Sediq said that the findings of the report will be briefly studied, since we believe that situation in Afghanistan highways has considerably changed.