The Taliban group has confirmed that the Afghan government has so far released 2,884 prisoners of the group.

“So far, a total of 2284 prisoners of the Islamic Emirate have been released from prisons of the Kabul Administration. Claim of having released more prisoners of ours than that as announced by officials of the Kabul Administration is not true,” Suhail Shaheen a spokesperson for the political office of Taliban said in a Twitter post.

Shaheen further added “Only actual and true figures should be published and avoid distorting the process.”

The Afghan government started the release of Taliban weeks after the Taliban group signed a peace deal with Taliban in a bid to help kick start the intra-Afghan talks.

However, a series of attacks in Kabul disturbed the release of prisoners until the Taliban group announced a ceasefire on the occasion of Eid which was widely welcomed with the Afghan government vowing to expedite the release of prisoners.