Mullah-Mohammad-OmarThe government of Afghanistan formally confirmed the death of Taliban supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar.

A statement by the President Palace said “The government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, based on credible information, confirms that Mullah Mohammad Omar, leader of the Taliban died in April 2013 in Pakistan.”

The statement further added “The government of Afghanistan believes that grounds for the Afghan peace talks are more paved now than before, and thus calls on all armed opposition groups to seize the opportunity and join the peace process.”

This comes as the Presidential Palace officials earlier said that reports regarding the death of Mullah Mohammad Omar could not confirmed or rejected as further investigations would be required to ascertain the report.

The officials further added that the government has received reports regarding the death of Mullah Mohammad Omar.

Reports regarding the death of Mullah Omar emerged earlier today with earlier reports suggesting Pakistan have confirmed the death of Mullah Mohammad Omar to the Afghan government.

The issue was reportedly discussed during the cabinet meeting following the confirmation by Pakistani authorities, it has been reported.

A former minister of the Afghan Taliban who is now a member of the group’s leadership has said on condition of anonymity that Mullah Omar died more than two years before of Tuberculosis.


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