December 15, 2017

Afghan ‘girl-in-green’ revisits Ashura bombing site

By Sajad - Sun Nov 25 2012, 3:08 pm

In a brave gesture of defiance against suicide bombers, Afghanistan’s “girl-in-green” has revisited the scene of a Shiite Muslim holy-day massacre that made her image world famous.

The 13 year old Tarana lost a number of her relatives including her brother following a suicide bomb blast in the same place last year.

The picture which was taken by Massoud Hussaini AFP correspondent few minutes after the blast shows Tarana Akbari screaming dressed in green among several people who were killed or injured following the blast.

Pulitzer prize was awarded for the picture besides it attracted the attention of the world and photo was displayed in famous newspapers around the world.

Tarana Akbari once again dressed in green dress while she was on her way towards the Abul Fazal shrine told AFP that she will remind the same incident that happned last year by visiting the same place.

She said, “The scene repeatedly comes in my mind where I see my brother and the suicide bomber which continuously comes in my dreams.”

More than 80 people were killed or injured following the blast in Abul Fazal shrine last year.

Afghan security forces announced to detain two Taliban suspected suicide bombers before they manage to enter Kabul city for carrying out similar attack.

Kabul police officials said the two suspected suicide bombers were looking to attack Ashura participants in Kabul city however Taran Akbari decided to visit the same place despite security concerns.

She said, “I am not afraid, I know it is risky but I will visit the place.”

Tarana Akbari was injured along with her two sisters following the blast last year however only she decided to revisit the area for Ashura ceremony.

According to AFP Tarana was scared and concerned before leaving for Abul Fazal shrine but a smile was noted on her face after she wore her new green dress.

She said she was going to visit the graveyard to pray for her family members and brothers who were killed in the blast year, after spending few hours in Abul Fazal mosque.

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