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Afghan girl embraces creativity: Art integral to Marwa’s life

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Fidel Rahmati
Fidel Rahmati
Fidai Rahmati is the editor and content writer for Khaama Press. You may follow him at Twitter @FidelRahmati

Written By: Tabasum Nasiry
Marwa is one of thousands of girls who, despite possessing abundant creativity, have received less attention. She has infused her life with color through art and regards it as an integral part of herself.

She dreams of learning English, studying abroad, painting, and participating in international competitions.

Referring to current conditions, she adds, “We should not overlook all the experiences and hardships we gain on the way to achieving our dreams, as all those experiences are important and a learning part of life.”

Marwa is 19 years old and succeeded in the Fine Arts department at Kabul University last year; however, one day she couldn’t reach her lifelong dream of entering university.

Alongside painting, she is also busy teaching language, believing that in today’s world of technology, English is important and a gateway to entering a new world. She says, “I want to score high on the TOEFL and continue my studies in one of the foreign countries.”

Just as colors in visual art carry different meanings, painters also perceive their lives in a different realm of colors. From Marwa’s perspective, “Painting is my life; I’ve drawn all my troubles and sorrows on paper. Painting is a feeling of tranquillity, an escape from the difficult moments of life.”

She attributes all her successes to the admiration and encouragement of her family, stating that she has embraced the art of painting in the style of realism and loves three-dimensional painting. She wants to paint it alongside walls with the charm and realism that this style offers.

Engineering remains one of Marwa’s aspirations, for which she has pursued courses for years. Due to current circumstances, she feels compelled to pursue this field of study in another country.

She emphasizes that every situation in life brings a sense of despair, a phenomenon that torments human beings, stating, “We must be driven by our own efforts, and in all the challenges of life, the result and the ways we reach our goal are important.”

Foreign language education and online activities, including participation in seminars, creating investments, and online buying and selling, have flourished among girls in the country in recent years.

While Marwa still considers learning English essential for understanding the world of technology, she also speaks of her work as an article writer on one of the online sites and computer technology.

This comes as in recent years, girls’ interest in painting has increased, and like Marwa, thousands of other girls engage in painting and learning foreign languages to pass their leisure time.

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