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Afghan man admits his homosexuality

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Khushnood Nabizada
Khushnood Nabizada
Khushnood Nabizada is an Afghan journalist and a founding editor of Khaama Press. You may follow him on Twitter @khushnabizada and Facebook at
Nemat Sadat Afghan Hamjinsgara

Homosexuality is considered a serious crime in Afghanistan and the possible punishment for homosexuals may include the death penalty. However, the gay community is secretly flourishing in Afghanistan.

In some cases, the homosexual Afghans are coming out of the closets and openly speak about their homosexuality in one of the most complicated societies, where homosexuality is not only a crime but also a deep cultural taboo that’s hardly ever discussed publicly.

A former professor in Afghan American University, Nemat Sadat is among the several homosexuals in Afghanistan who has public admitted is homosexuality.

The professor in a message posted on his Facebook wall said, “I’m so happy to have finished the process of “coming out” to the entire world. Burden lifted forever.”

Sadat further added, “For the last few people on the planet who don’t know, let me tell you now: Yes, I am proud to be gay, Afghan, American and Muslim.”

“So get over it! Now, I can live life without all the kala jaan’s & kaaka jaan’s (aunties & uncles) harassing and pressuring with questions like Nematee, tu chura zan nakardee?” Now, no grown-up shall dare ask me why I haven’t married a woman,” Sadat said through wall message.

He also added, “If they do, I will simply shake my head, snap my finger, toss my hair and tell them I am marrying a distinguished gentleman and in Pashto we call it خاوند “khaawand” (owner, proprietor husband) and if you want to offer your son or nephew for my hand then tell him I want a platinum ring on my finger, a Central Park wedding ceremony and a Manhattan skyscraper rooftop reception afterward. I have it all planned out. The bespoke lifestyle awaits. Oh yeah!”.

In the meantime, the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) has said that Nemat Sadat is not a professor at the American University of Afghanistan. “Since opening in 2006, the American University of Afghanistan has always acted in line with the highest principles of ethical conduct and – to quote directly from the university’s charter – “operates within the protections afforded by the Constitution of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan,” AUAF said in a statement.

Nemat Sadat said he was Professor of Political Science from July 1, 2012, until July 23, 2013, and taught courses in introduction to political science, international relations, international political economy, and history of Afghanistan.

Sadat also added that there are local gay Afghan national staff and five gay white Americans working at the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF).

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