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Afghan forces waging true Jihad against slaves and foreigners: Sayyaf

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A prominent Afghan religious figure, former Jahid leader and ex-member of the Afghan parliament Abdul Rab Rasool Sayyaf once again slammed the Taliban group for their so-called holy war ‘Jihad’ and emphasized that it is only the Afghan forces who are waging a true Jihad against slaves and foreigners interfering in Afghanistan.

Speaking during a gathering organized on the eve of the Soviet forces defeat in Afghanistan, Sayyaf said the Afghan forces losing their lives in action are true martyrs.

Questioning Taliban’s stance in the ongoing violence in the country under the shadow of Jihad, Sayyaf said Taliban are only killing innocent civilians, women, and children.

Sayyaf further added that the murder of the women and children has been banned by Prophet and therefore their insurgency has no legitimacy.

The former Jihadi leader also slammed the Muftis endorsing Taliban’s insurgency and suicide attacks, saying the Muftis should first carry out suicide attacks if such attacks are legitimate in Islam.

Sayyaf is one of the most influential jihadi leaders and has been harshly criticizing the Taliban group for their insurgency activities.

He has always been harshly criticizing the Taliban militants group and dismiss their so called jihad as a move against the principles of Islam.

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  1. why this dirty shit,Abdul Rab Rasool Sayyaf, does not speak against Pakistan as everybody knows that Pakistan provides shelters, weapons to Taliban to destroy Afghanistan. Shame on Abdul Rab Rasool Sayyaf who is bliban


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