Kundoz-Police headquartersAfghan forces have retaken Char Dara District of Kundoz province from Taliban.

Lieutenant General Mura Ali Murad the Deputy Chief of Staff of Afghan National Army said that Afghan forces entered Char Dara District around 8 am this morning and took the control of the district.

He said that the military operation to retake Char Dara began at about 3 am and still continues for complete clearance of the district from insurgents.

Officials at the Ministry of Defense say that around 85 militants were killed and 15 others wounded during the operation.

Char Dara district had fallen to Taliban hands after severe clashes with security forces about three days before.

After Char Dara District Taliban armed with light and heavy weapons launched an attack on Dasht-i-Arche District of Kundoz province and took the control it.

Afghan forces are now planning to retake Dasht-i-Arche back from Taliban.