Ministry of Defense in a released statement on Monday said, at least 30 Taliban including 16 Al-Qaeda members were killed in an operation conducted by Afghan national defense and security forces in Kapisa on Sunday evening.

The mission to target militants was launched in various parts of Afghania valley in the Nijbrab district the operations were facilitated with commando units and Afghan Air Forces, the statement added.

According to the statement 30 Taliban fighters including 16 Pakistani Al-Qaeda affiliated members were killed during the skirmish

Hjiyan, Khalifagan, Badakhel, and Zakirkhel Kochan villages were clear of militant’s influence.

This comes as Rahmatullah Andar, spokesman for the National Security council posted on his Facebook page that the US-Taliban agreement inked last year has failed Afghanistan and only ensured a ceasefire between the United States and the Taliban.

He added that the Doha agreement did not meet the expectations of the Afghans, the deal only ensured the safety of US military personnel and the Afghan public remained limited to “killings, horror, and terror”.

According to Andar, the Doha Agreement has done More Harm than Good, It was a time-wasting procedure for peace and inflict heavy life casualties and financial losses on the Afghan people.

As the review of the agreement was welcomed by the Afghan government, US Central Command chief, General Kenneth F. McKenzie few said “I place a large measure of the blame on the Taliban who have continued to mount offensive operations and targeted killings of Afghan officials but the excessive violence has led the government to launch their own defensive operations to protect themselves – the violence while too high on both sides,” McKenzie said.


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