September 24, 2018

Afghan forces foil coordinated suicide attack in Paktika province

By Khaama Press - Sun Sep 25 2016, 1:01 pm

Afghan policemenThe Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) foiled a coordinated suicide attack plot by the anti-government armed militant groups in southeastern Paktika province.

The militants were looking to launch the attack with a Vehicle-borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED).

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) said at least 9 militants were killed before they manage to reach to their target to launch the attack.

“The group had planned to launch a terrorist attack in Paktika province,” MoI said, adding that “Afghan National Security Forces confiscated one suicide vest, three AK-47 rifles, two pistols, five radio handsets, one explosives laden vehicle and some amount of light and heavy round of ammunition.”

MoI further added that the Afghan forces and the civilians did not suffer any casualties during the operation.

The anti-government armed militant groups including the Taliban insurgents have not commented regarding the report so far.

Militants belonging to the Taliban insurgents and the notorious Haqqani terrorist network are active in a number of the remote districts of Paktika province.

The militants are often conducting insurgency activities in this province as part of their spring offensive launched earlier this year.

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  1. Hoping the afghans share the details with indian & american agencies, dead sure the equipment & ammo carried by these terrorists would end up to be similar to the ones carried by the terrorist during the attack on uri military base in india. Looking for more corporation amongst relevant agencies within & outside the region. Impediment of having a rogue state named Pakistan as a neighbour.

  2. Illogical indian can you please elaborate killing in Kashmir to grab kashmiris land first, than you can carry your propaganda against Khalistan , Assam, Tripura and Nagaland.  I am sure you can justy killing to grab their land.

  3. Lmao , Indians killed their own troops to divert attention from kashmir killings.

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