The Afghan national defense and security forces have fully cleared the strategic Tora Bora area from the presence of the ISIS militants, leaving at least 44 militants dead and 22 more wounded during the operations, the local officials said.

The commander of the 201st Silab Corps of the Afghan army General Mohammad Zaman Waziri said at least 44 ISIS militants were killed since the operations were launched.

He said at least 22 more were wounded and two others were arrested along with their weapons and ammunition, confirming that the area has been fully cleared of ISIS terrorists.

The provincial police chief General Abdul Rahman Rahimi told reporters in Tora Bora that the security forces will not allow the insurgents to once again create sanctuaries and safe havens for themselves in Nangarhar and specifically in Tora Bora of Pacher Agam.

Provincial governor Mohammad Gulab Mangal in the meantime said the ISIS militants who had taken positions in Tora Bora were all foreigners.

He said Pakistani, Uzbek, Chechen, Arab, and other insurgents were seen among the militants during the operations.

According to Mangal, the foreign insurgents had arrived in Tora Bora via Parachinar and Sadi area.


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