10090671Afghan foreign minister Zarar Ahmad Muqbeel Osmani accused the foreign intelligence agencies for disrupting the Afghan peace process.

Osmani, who visited Ankara to attend the trilateral summit between Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey, said that the Taliban militants will sit-in for peace talks with the Afghan government if foreign spy agencies cut ties with the group.

He said it will difficult for the Taliban militants to survive without the support of the foreign intelligence agencies.

Osmani said the Afghan government is prepared for the peace talks and urged Islamabad to bring the Taliban militants in negotations table.

In regards to the bilateral security agreement between Kabul and Washington, Osmani, said that the government of Afghanistan will sign the agreement once peace negotiations have been launched between the government of Afghanistan and Taliban militants.

He insisted that negotiating a peace agreement with the Taliban group would be a more concrete step before signing the security agreement.

According to Osmani, majority of the Afghans want the security agreement to be signed by the Afghan government.