Monday,  July 18, 2011 – According to officials in National Olympics Committee of Afghanistan, a selective round of fencing competition  begun in Kabul National Olympic Committee sports hall on Saturday.

Officials further added, the competition will continue for four days. Around 100 fencers have taken part in the competition from 4 clubs.

At the end of the competitions, thirty best fencers will be selected to play for Kabul’s Fencing Team.

According to Afghan Fencing Federation Director, second round of fencing championships will be held in next three months among eight provinces in capital Kabul.

Five years ago, the Fencing Federation was formed in the National Olympics committee framework.

Officials in the Fencing Federation said, due to lack of enough fencing electronic equipments, the federation could not organize competitions in the past.

Jan Ali Husni, Secretary General for the Olympic Committee said, “As you are aware, organizing most of the competitions require electronic equipments which we did not have in the past. Our athletes are now having access to these electronic equipments and are having plenty of other sports equipments.”

In the meantime, Tariq Roshangar, Fencing Federation Director said, “Our athletes were facing a number of issues in the past like lack of sports equipments. Fortunately, our athletes are no more facing these barriers and their number of have also increased which helps us in organizing further competitions.”

Despite several barriers and issues, Afghan Fencing Federation participated in a number of matches at Asian Fencing Championships which was held in Qatar.

Afghan Fencing Federation also received 4 bronze medals at the 2010 South Asian Championships held in India.