January 18, 2018

Afghan female powerlifting athlete wins gold medal

By Sayed Jawad - Tue Dec 18 2012, 8:15 pm

Sadia AyoubiA team of 18 Afghan power lifting athletes who attended a competition in India returned back to Afghanistan with major achievements.

The team included 18 athletes including 16 male and 2 females from the national powerlifting, and achieved gold medals in the competition.

The championship was organized at Kambathu city of India where Sadia Ayoubi managed to achieve 3 gold medals competing in 74 kilograms.

The competition was organized between 10 to 14 December by power-lifting federation of India and the other 17 Afghan athletes also achieved medals competing in their respective weights.

However Sadia Ayoubi was the only Afghan female athlete who successfully competed with her rivals from India, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, China and Kazakhstan, and achieved gold medal in women’s 74kg power-lifting championship.

Sadia Ayoubi said the championship was organized in a high standard and said she was satisfied from the competition, and urged other Afghan youths to step up efforts for the development and achievement of pride for Afghanistan.

She said, “The Afghan youths in the firs step should prefer to join sports and must be keen and committed to other fields which they prefer for their career in a bid to have a effective role for the development of their country.”

She competed against her rivals in women 100kg, 85kg and 150kg. She also achieved gold medal during Asia power lifting championship in Kazakhstan in 2011.

Afghan athletes have managed to have major achievements during the recent years despite having less financial and moral support from the government.

Reporter: Qiam Noor, Kabul

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  1. Awesome! Congrats to her. That’s an amazing thing to achieve.

  2. My dear Sadia jaan i really proud of you and God bless u for ever.. to achieve a very huge name for our country. wish u all the best in whole ur life sis jaan……………my country’s hero

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