Afghan audit concludesThe Independent Election Commission (IEC) officials said Thursday that the election audit process will be completed by Thursday.

IEC spokesman, Noor Mohammad Noor, told reporters the audit teams have managed to audit 96.9 percent of the ballot papers so far.

Noor further added only 705 ballot boxes have been left for the audit which will hopefully completed by today.

He said the commission will also take decision regarding the ballots of 2,000 ballot boxes during the invalidation process on Thursday evening.

The exact date regarding the release of final vote results has not been confirmed so far. However, IEC officials are saying that the final results will be released within the next few days.

The audit process was expected to conclude on 2nd September but the process was hampered on numerous occasions due to disputes.

The electoral process was once again put in the brink of collapse after Dr. Abdullah’s camp warned to fully withdraw from election audit and invalidation process and talks on unity government if their conditions were not met.

Dr. Abdullah’s camp claimed that the audit process was not fairly conducted and pulled all it’s observers from the audit process which forced his rival team to pull out observers based on United Nations request.