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Afghan cleric offer $300k bounty on Anti-Islam filmmaker

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An Afghan religious cleric announced $300,000 bounty to kill the producer of the American film which insulted prophet Muhammad.

This is the first time Afghan religious clerics jointly announce bounty in a bid to defend insulting the Islamic values.

Anti-Islam film sparked deadly protest across the Muslim countries and the producer of the film was widely criticized for desecrating the Islamic values.

A number of Afghan religious students, clerics and members of the civil society following a demonstration urged to arrest and try the producer of the Anti-Islam film.

Mir Farooq Hussainy a religious cleric in western Herat province of Afghanistan vowed to offer bounty for killing the producer of the Anti-Islam film.

He said the bounty will be collected from the local traders and investors of western Herat province.

Mr. Hussainy also said they are going to pay $100,000 for anyone who is going to kill the cartoonist that insulted prophet Muhammad.

In the meantime several members of the provincial clerics council and tribal elders condemned the making of Anti-Islam film and urged local residents to maintain unity.

Anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims” was produced by an American-Jewish film maker which insults Prophet Muhammad.

The protesters blamed US and Israel governments for the making of the film and urged the two nations to take strict actions in order to arrest the maker of the movie.

 Meanwhile recent reports suggest the maker of the movie was arrested by the US government however there is no news regarding his fate.

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  1. Muslims wonder why the world hates them. This is why. What’s more revealing is the 1.5 BILLION other muslims who do not condemn this cleric or call for his arrest.

    A radical muslim kills you.
    A normal muslim threatens to kill you.
    A moderate muslim does nothing to stop the other two.

    • Then why dont you so called civilised americans dont stop such acts of provocation and hate towardsgh the muslim world, just as if invading their coutrys killing babies in bed murdering women , bombarding their viliges  destroying mosques,etc….were not enough for those racist pigs they are making such movies too . for a change look at the  your own haters too

  2. The film is self-produced and really of terrible quality for this reason it could only by uploaded on youtube -nobody would accept it. there is nothing official about it. It was produced by and American-Egyptian of Christian Coptic faith by the name of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, not a jew. Considering that imprecise reporting caused much of the furore which followed its discovery online, one would think journalists now would pay more attention to what they write because it can actually cost lives. how could any government prevent the idiot who made the film from publishing it online? He made it himself with a few unsuspecting actors for maybe 5 thousand dollars – 10 maximum – edited it at home on his pc… I mean who can stop anyone from behaving so irresponsibly in the age of the internet? If anything we should all be angry at youtube who refused to take it down, definitely not at western governments or people who clearly don’t have a hand in it. Plus would they really need an excuse like a stupid movie to berate us?

  3. @Luca you sound like Hillary Clinton and completely miss the point. It doesn’t matter how poorly the movie was made, or under what circumstances. What does matter is that freedom of speech means that such “irresponsible” expressions are still protected speech, and instead of equivocating about this particular piece of expression, our leaders (and citizens) should be firmly proclaiming the filmmaker’s right to voice his opinions without fear of reprisal. It is those who threaten reprisal who should be condemned in the strongest terms, and punished if they attempt to carry out their threats.

  4. Typical misstatement by the Muslim press that this was a film produced by a Jew.  It’s almost as if you cannot help yourselves.  The movie was made by a Coptic Christian of Egyptian descent.  Thankfully, in their blind rage, these thugs have little chance of harming anyone (other than their fellow Muslim protesters), much less hunting down the actual perpetrator of this supposed crime against Islam.  The basic facts being ignored speaks to the real crime here, which is the stoking of ignorance, religious intolerance and rage against perceived oppressors, by the extremist fringes of society who want to advance the narrative of a clash of civilizations.   Way to enable them, Mr. Shinwari.  And congratulations to all of the frothing-at-the-mouth extremists burning flags and calling for the murder of anyone who slanders the prophet’s name.  You’ve now perpetuated the narrative of the very film you condemn: that yours is a religion of intolerance, ignorance and violence


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